Knives in Hens (Donmar Warehouse)

I might be in the minority here – but I think I’m running out of patience with Yael Farber. I’m fed up of the gloomy darkness. I’m tired of the droney orchestral hum and hangs on every breeze. And to be honest, I’m just a bit bored of it all.

In Knives in Hens, like the achingly poor Common (at the National) before it we’re treated to a barely lit stage where it’s almost impossible to pass comment on the nature of the acting because you can’t really make it out in the gloom.

David Harrower’s previously much lauded script about a two-sided love triangle(!?) between a Miller, an Ploughman and a Ploughman’s Wife has moments of searing dialogue – which for most part is droned out by what I think is intended to be ‘eerie music’ but which is simply distracting from stark and arresting writing.

It’s not without good points – the performances are striking, particularly Judith Roddy as Young Woman who shows range and power and vulnerability and naivety and ruthlessness, but I could help but feeling the direction was working against much of what was struggling to be good.

Reviews are tending to disagree with me at the moment, as well the might, but that’s my two-penneth.


17 Aug 17 – 07 Oct 17, 7:30 PM @ The Donmar Warehouse

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