Adrian Mole – The Musical (Menier Chocolate Factory)

If it wasn’t for that fact that this was at The Menier Chocolate Factory I might have been tempted to allow this one to pass me by. Not because I’m not a big Adrian Moleite who devoured Sue Townsend’s modern classic during my adolescence, but because anything with ‘The Musical’ in the title tends to fill me with slight dread.

I need not have worried.

Adrian Mole (The Musical) is sheer, unbridled and unadulterated fun. From ludicrous dance routines to a joyous school nativity penned by Mole himself the show zips along at break-neck speed as we watch the Mole family negotiate matrimonial strife and the mostly oblivious Mole chasing Pandora Braithwaite around the streets of Ashby de la Zouche.

There are some strong performances, particularly from Kelly Price (Adrian’s mum) and 3 actors rotate in each child role.

I was in the front row here at the Menier and I wonder how the whole thing would translate the grandeur of a West End proscenium arch… maybe we’ll find out.


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