Touch (Soho Theatre)

TV sitcom seems to be in the doldrums at the moment. We’ve got more Mrs Brown’s Boys than we can angrily shake the remote at, and that’s before we’ve even got started on Dane Baptiste’s unmitigated shitcom SunnyD – so critics and viewers alike were delighted to cling to the potential liferaft proffered in the shape of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag.

Excitement therefore abounds at the prospect of Waller-Bridge’s long-time collaborator Vicky Jones’s new play Touch which premiers at The Soho Theatre and features a Welsh single millennial treading water in the London’s murky sexual deep-end.

The play works nicely and zips along, flitting between conquests and emotional affairs and all the while Amy Morgan’s Dee is utterly delightful with just the right mix of complex strength and vulnerability and that feeling every London immigrant has at some stage of “wtf am I doing here!?”.

Morgan’s supporting cast are a bit of a mixed bag – Edward Bluemel (last seen in The Menier’s Love and Idleness) is a wonderful toffy-intern Paddy and James Clyde a nuanced and sinister older kink-head but the play is let down slightly by a thoroughly unconvincing Vera (Naana Agyei-Ampadu) and to a lesser extent tinder-boy Eddie (James Marlowe).

Ultimately though, Touch is a thoroughly enjoyable evening – but one that never entirely delves below the superficial.


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