Ink (Almeida)

James Grahame’s knack for churning out hugely engaging histo-political theatre continues as he can happily chalk up another victory. Rupert Goold directed Ink charts a young (and admittedly pretty charming) Rupert Murdoch’s first year in charge of the struggling Sun newspaper bought from The Mirror Group.

Bertie Carvel sparkles as a Murdoch you find yourself kinda rooting for (despite your better judgement) and together with his newly appointed editor Larry Lamb (Richard Coyle – the Welsh one off the sitcom Coupling!) set about changing the face of Fleet Street – something that would ultimate end in the Wapping Riots – though Ink doesn’t get on to that.

We see The Sun’s readership sharply increase as the new editorial team initially blatantly plagiarize The Mirror than as the end of the first year under Murdoch rule approaches the bombshell that caused national outrage… The Sun introduces topless page 3. Will the paper be able to go from 5th place to being the most read paper in the country in just 12 months? Will Lamb be able to keep harmony in the ranks? And what will all this mean for the future of the British written press?

Ink is fun and Carvel gives a genuinely inspired performance – but I cant help feeling that it lacks a bit of gravitas to be anything other than tomorrow’s fish and chip paper… however a short West End run follows… so check it out.


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