Treatment (The Almeida)

Martin Crimp’s 1993 tragi-comedy doesn’t feel like it’s dated in the slightest, perhaps due to Giles Cadle’s cool, impressive and achingly modern design or Lyndsey Turner’s striking direction, Treatment feels like a effortless piece of theatre.

Aisling Loftus’s Anne is stunning. She’s real and honest and you believe her pain – perhaps she seems so much more genuine due to nonsensical artifice surrounding her in the form of TV execs Jennifer (Indira Varma) and Andrew (Julian Ovendon). Clifford, and ageing playwright, played charmingly by Ian Gelder also spins yarns of nonsense and blurs the lines between life and art.

Coming from the TV industry as I do – the hypocrisy and self-importance of production is excellently observed as is the slightly abusive nature of media – and it’s proclivity to use people before spit them out once the taste has vanished. Anne is a strong but vulnerable woman and someone crying out to be heard and helped. Will she get it?

Thoroughly worth a watch.


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