Don Juan in Soho (The Wyndhams)

I read in the programme that Don Juan is one of the most revisited stories in the history of literature, with more than a thousand interpretations either side of Moliere’s enduring one.

Patrick Marber writes and directs – as he seems to do with almost all the plays in London at the moment, and the effect, once combined with David Tennant’s irresistible charm is a perfect solid one – I simply just cant escape the feeling, like after eating only candy floss for dinner, that I should have had something with a bit more substance.

Don Juan in Soho gives to literature what Love Island gives to cultural enlightenment – that’s not in any way to diminish it – lots of people like Love Island – I’m just saying that it’s pure unadulterated entertainment wrapped up faux-intellectual cover.

But don’t let that put anyone off… if you go you’ll have a great time.


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